Angel Credes

Professional Mentor

Angel G Credes

Friend (Professional Mentor)

Angel Credes was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, wherehe earned his Bachelor of Business in Economics at Santa Maria University.

Twenty-twoo years ago, motivated by deteriorating political conditions in his country, he immigrated into the United States and founded a retail business.

While living in Louisiana, Angel decided to start teaching Spanish in High School. He also tutored migrants' children and helped their families to assimilate to a new culture for several years.

Subsequently, he moved to Texas and opened another retail business. However, once his children grew up and started their own lives, Angel decided to move to Colorado and start a new chapter of his life with Friends of the Children.

Angel has been married to (add her name) for 29 years, He is a father to four wonderful children - 3 sons and a daughter. Three of them are college graduates and the youngest one is starting to decide what he wants in life.

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