April 11, 2023

Friends – Colorado Springs Clubhouse is Open!

The Gazette and KOAA NEWS5 Feature Our New Clubhouse

Friends of the Children - Colorado Springs has opened a new clubhouse at the Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy, in partnership with Colorado Springs School District 11.

Friends of the Children – Colorado Springs uses a trauma-informed lens to create safety and stability for families, enrolling children ages 4-6 who face the greatest challenges and pairing them with a paid, professional mentor until their high school graduation – 12+ years, no matter what.

“It was my vision to have a place like this for the children, and when I sit here in my office and look out the door and there are children out there happy and fulfilled and making friends, eating healthy snacks, it’s like a dream come true,” Executive Director Judy Cara said.

The clubhouse will serve as a safe space for children to hang out after school, focus on schoolwork, develop social skills and engage in activities that spark their interest. The clubhouse will serve the Friends - Colorado Springs chapter’s 34 participating children and their families. The clubhouse will also have access to outdoor spaces for basketball and frisbee golf!

Read more from The Gazette about Friends – Colorado Spring’s clubhouse and partnership with District 11 here: https://gazette.com/news/district-11-partners-with-youth-nonprofit-to-open-clubhouse-space/article_c0488ab0-d579-11ed-8c29-57aa07c0f76a.html

Watch the video highlight of the Friends of the Children program and our clubhouse from KOAA NEWS5 here: https://www.koaa.com/news/covering-colorado/new-clubhouse-in-colorado-springs-bringing-different-meaning-to-after-school-care